Why Produce a Video in the First Place? (Using Video to Save or Make Money)

Companies today have begun to embrace technology for various reasons. In particular is the ability to create videos that can be used by employees, prospects, and customers. There are numerous ways to take advantage of this technology as costs have gone down while technology improves. Why pay to print product or service manuals to train employees when they can be presented via recorded videos. If this will work for your employees, it will work for prospects and customers as well. Video demonstrations can be shared live if you wish to solicit feedback or recorded if feedback is not needed. We can pretty much divide videos into two categories:

Videos to Save Money

Corporate Presentations

Many companies have salespeople and consultants working all over the world. The video presentation is a money-saving way to bring corporate news to employees and stakeholders of the company. Smaller companies may want to consider this method in lieu of a shareholder meeting at expensive meeting center venues.


Training Videos

No longer do new employees need to sit through training classes as instructors try to make a topic interesting. Now, orientation classes can be held electronically either in a live or recorded format. New employees need only to be instructed when to attend and then pass a learning assessment which can be done at home or at the company office. Using a recorded video production allows a new hire to review the information as many times as needed so they can comprehend and pass an assessment test.

If the trainer desires to have feedback, the training video production can be presented live to the new hire which gives them the opportunity to ask questions or make comments. This will allow for a tremendous savings since an instructor does not need to be present and valuable office space is not taken up for training purposes.


Recruiting Videos

Similar to training videos, new recruits can attend a company overview rather than talk directly with recruiters. This method is a great first-step screening process in which the company and its products or services can be introduced to a prospective recruit for minimal outlay.


Safety Videos

For companies doing business in an industry with defined hazards, a safety video production is the perfect way to conduct safety meetings. Again, if the safety manager wants feedback, they can elect to use a live presentation rather than a recorded one. Keeping records of safety training will also satisfy the insurance carrier that proper safety training is being conducted. Keeping accurate attendance records along with copies of recorded videos will serve as a layer of protection for the company as well.


Product Presentation Video

Often companies will hold a sales meeting to introduce new products to its employees. Unless the product falls in a completely new category, a well scripted video presentation will serve the purpose and save the company money. Salespeople will not have to come in from the field, be fed and put up in hotels for the sales meeting. Using a recorded video, the sales force can view the presentation from the comfort of home and then complete an online assessment as an offer of proof they understand the new product.


Videos to Make Money

Product or Service Presentations

Well-scripted and produced videos can be used to broadcast your sales message the world over. They can be created to present the features and benefits of the company’s product or service and serve as a demonstration video at the same time. This type of video production will become a valuable asset to any organization and will serve many purposes.


Trade Show Presentation

Many companies offer their products or services at various trade shows across the country. Having a loop video playing constantly at the booth, will act as an additional unpaid salesperson. Videos do not need to take a smoke break, go to the bathroom or eat long lunches.


PR/News Releases

When the company has a hot new item to introduce or announce a mile-stone has been reached, sending a link to a company video acts just like a press release. This will generate excitement to your customer base prior to the new product introduction. The company can mail a mini-DVD or send the link to the video by email.


Fund Raising

Nothing will work better for a company that wants to raise money for a cause it believes in than using a video presentation. The video presentation will result in lower costs for raising funds and allow the company to give 100% of the money raised. Yes, it is easier to say “no” to a video but, at least you didn’t pay that video a salary for making the presentation!


There are many more examples of how a recorded or live video presentation can either save or make money for any company, whether small or large. The newer technology has greatly reduced production costs so that anyone can take advantage of this very important tool.


This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. D-Mak Productions is one of the best Arizona video production companies. D-Mak Productions specializes in tv commercial, live event, corporate, web and online video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and ease to work with throughout the entire video production process.