Training Video Production

You already know the advantages of using video for training your workforce and customers: Videos can be viewed anywhere, any time, and at the viewer’s pace, plus they help you cut costs.

You also know that corporate training videos can be … a little dry. That’s where D-MAK Productions’ professional video production team makes a difference. We work closely with you to learn about your organization, so we can help you produce entertaining, educational, and inspiring training videos for your employees, vendors, contractors, clients and customers.

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Customer Training Videos

Think about how much time and how many customer service hours you will eliminate with a library of videos that train new users on your products or services.┬áTraining videos reduce (if not eliminate) the need for your customer service teams to answer the basic “How do I … ” questions. Customer training videos show your customers that you care, and they allow your users to self-educate at their own pace.

Employee Training Videos

Training videos are efficient ways to educate your team, whether you are onboarding new workers or educating existing staff on new processes and tools. Training videos can be used in conjunction with or in place of in-person, hands-on training. Your managers will appreciate that you’ve covered the basics through company video production, so they can work with workers on the details that really matter to their day-to-day operations.