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7 Secrets of Successful Online Video Marketing Tactics


Building a successful online video marketing campaign doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s also not as overwhelming as it might seem. …

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How to Succeed with Facebook Video in 2018


Facebook recently modified its news feed algorithms. But what does that mean for you and your marketing campaign? Facebook’s news …

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The 5 Phases of Video Production


A video production has to be well-planned and strategic if it’s to be successful. Most video productions involve a lot …

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Why Choose A Video Production Company Versus Other Options


You know exactly what you want to produce. But how much money is it going to cost? How much equipment …

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Why Shoot 4K Video?

why shoot 4k video

As you’re planning your next video production, you may be wondering whether you should be shooting in 1080p (HD) or …

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Elements of Great Video Editing


Video can be mesmerizing and memorable — or it can be generic and forgettable. And, contrary to popular belief, it …

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Aerial Video Production: Drones in the Spotlight


In the past it was often prohibitively expensive to plan for large scale aerial shots. Cranes, helicopters, and other complicated …

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The 5 Types of Videos Every Business Needs


Video is known to have one of the most successful conversion rates throughout all types of media. Businesses from small …

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The Right Way to Use Video for Recruiting New Talent


As one of the most compelling and informative media formats, video is also a preferred recruitment tool. When organizations are …

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Why A Video Landing Page Can Fetch You More Conversions


The use of a video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. Nevertheless some organizations may …

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