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Video Marketing Gone Wrong: How to Avoid the Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes


Video marketing is about more than just following best practices — it’s also about avoiding some of the most significant …

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When to Save and When to Splurge on your Video Marketing Budget


Video marketing is one of the best things you can put your dollars into. But where exactly do you spend …

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The Importance of Audience Led Video Production


With the increased demand for video content in digital marketing plans, it is clear that more and more businesses are …

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5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Be Using Video


80% of all internet traffic is likely to be video within the next four years. As video achieves dominance throughout …

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How Do I Write a Video Production Creative Brief?


Before you begin production of your video, you need detailed specifications regarding your needs, goals, and audience. The more specific …

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7 Secrets of Successful Online Video Marketing Tactics


Building a successful online video marketing campaign doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s also not as overwhelming as it might seem. …

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How to Succeed with Facebook Video in 2018


Facebook recently modified its news feed algorithms. But what does that mean for you and your marketing campaign? Facebook’s news …

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The 5 Phases of Video Production


A video production has to be well-planned and strategic if it’s to be successful. Most video productions involve a lot …

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Why Choose A Video Production Company Versus Other Options


You know exactly what you want to produce. But how much money is it going to cost? How much equipment …

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Why Shoot 4K Video?

why shoot 4k video

As you’re planning your next video production, you may be wondering whether you should be shooting in 1080p (HD) or …

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