Founder Danny McManus’ passion for video production started as a child. While most kids were on the playground, Danny’s curiosity was focused on a family relic VHS camera as a 10 year old. He honed his craft of videography in college at Arizona State University, where he met his friend and future business partner Joe Forte.

D-MAK began just like most of its projects do – with an optimistic idea. To share the memorable and creative experience of filmmaking with those who want to tell their story. When Danny McManus joined forces with Joe Forte, both were filled with dreams and ambitions they described as, “Creating something bigger than both of us.”


Years later, each new workday is another scene in the ongoing epic of D-MAK’s evolution, tipping its hat to the past – yet excited to see the pages of tomorrow’s script. You could say they take it seriously and very personally. In the business of video production, this is indeed how lasting partnerships are formed.

D-MAK Productions: based in Phoenix, ready to serve you anywhere. Contact us now to discuss your next video production project.

What separates our Phoenix
production company from the rest?


In an increasingly digitally-automated world, you’ll find a welcome and comforting patch of analog in the personalized customer service delivered by D-MAK. Phones are answered by real people, emails are returned – not auto-responded to, and nobody is too busy to be creative when you need a solution. We often do big projects, but we’re still a small company at heart.


At the risk of sounding cliche’ – your mission has to be our mission. One of the biggest market advantages D-MAK has is our sense of empathy during the entire production process. To present you with a final cut that delivers the message needed to move your mountains, we have to feel every single emotion first. Your goals are at the center of our efforts from concept to completion.


Your story is more than important – it means everything to you. Let us tell it with professionalism and flair. Then, find a microphone with enough power to scream it into fame – because it WILL be something to be proud of. While we can’t always understand every cog in the machinery of what our clients do, we DO understand how to effectively convey that story to their intended audience.

Who We work With

We’re proud of the many fine companies who have selected D-MAK. As you’ll see, many of our clients are quite well-known and successful. They can easily afford to have production work done anywhere, yet they choose D-MAK. It’s no accident. It seems quality work inspires quite a bit of loyalty – no matter what size the company is.

Whether indoor, outdoor, event-based or completely digitally-created using green screen technology or animation, D-MAK has the expertise to get the job done. If you see a particular video project similar to what you’d like, let us know.

Contact us today – We’d love to showcase your work right here, in good company.


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