Testimonial Video Production

What is the best way to build trust with prospective new customers and employees? Through word of mouth. The effectiveness of testimonials to gain new business and attract talent hasn’t changed much over the centuries, but the way the messages get delivered has. Today, video is the most powerful tool brands can use to build a broad audience of future customers and workers.

Provide a channel for your most passionate brand fans, customers, and employees to tell their stories. Testimonial video production is a highly effective¬†tool that has expansive reach and a long shelf life. Use our fill form to request a quote or to see testimonial video examples from D-MAK’s clients.

Testimonial videos can be used on your social media, your home page, or in commercials to promote your products, services, and brand.

Employee Testimonial Video Production

Employee testimonial videos can be powerful tools to help you attract qualified applicants. D-MAK Productions has produced numerous employee video testimonials, handling everything from preparing employee testimonial questions to making your employees feel comfortable on camera. Let’s collaborate and tell your employer story through employee testimonial videos.

Customer Testimonial Video Production

Professionally produced client testimonial videos tell your organization’s story from your audience’s perspective. What better way to connect with prospective clients and customers than to have existing satisfied customers and clients tell their stories. D-MAK Productions can manage every aspect of the customer testimonial video, providing questions and the right setting, so your customers feel comfortable on camera. Let us help you tell their stories.