The Benefits of Training Video Production

As companies continue to use videos to market their products or services, they also have joined the trend of training video production. Instead of having new employees come into the office at a specific time and spend hours listening to someone explain the company’s regulations, companies have begun to create videos explaining these rules. There are many advantages of creating training videos instead of providing in-person training.


In-person training can become very expensive; from paying the trainer’s salary to traveling costs for when the staff is at various locations, the costs add up quickly. A training video takes out the middleman and can be distributed to various locations easily. And as long as the work process remains the same, a video can be used over a long period of time.


When companies use training videos they often have the employee watch them on their own time before coming to work. That way, the employee can learn more and the company can save precious time. Videos can also present large amounts of detailed and complex information in a condensed and simple form.

Better Understanding

In-person training by various trainers with different training techniques can cause more confusion than help. One constant training video ensures that all employees receive the same information, delivered in the same manner. This reduces questions and misunderstandings later.


Studies have shown that people remember what they watch in a video more than what they read or hear. Therefore, training videos have been shown to be just as if not more effective than in-person training. With the video’s ability to convey details in a better manner, the employees will be more likely to remember details of complex processes.

The trend of training video production is proving to be extremely effective for companies. With these training videos, companies have been saving time, money, and improving the efficiency of their employees.


This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions. Clients choose D-Mak Productions for top quality Phoenix video production. D-Mak Productions specializes in commercial, event, corporate, web, TV, music, fashion and training video production and is known for its creative video production style, quick turn-around time and ease to work with.