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Why an Intro or Explainer Video is a MUST HAVE for Your Business

So your company’s website is currently in the works. Although you may have plenty of text and photos describing what your business does, you might still be missing something. That something would be an introduction or explainer video.  Given the constantly changing nature of the Internet, video is quickly becoming the new text as we move toward an assorted, multimedia web.  An intro video will quickly grab your audience’s attention and successfully show what to expect from your company within just a few seconds.  Here we explain why an intro video is a must have for your business, the benefits that accompany an intro video and how it can effectively turn an audience into your customers.


What is an Intro Video and What Should it Include?

Think of an intro video as a snapshot of your company.  An intro video is generally a 30 to 60 second long audiovisual that can be found on the home page of your website.  This video explains what your business does, what product or service you sell and why people should buy it. It is one of the first items your customers will see, so you want to make sure that you not only include the most important points about your company, but also generate some excitement. In order to fully engage your audience, we suggest including techniques such as introducing your staff members, displaying your business location or telling a story regarding your company and how you started.  A great intro video should reflect the company’s personality, inform the audience and leave them wanting more. It is important to get creative because your video will need to capture the audience’s attention within the first five to ten seconds.  Keep in mind that the average video is abandoned by 20% of its viewers within the first ten seconds, no pressure.


The Many Benefits of an Intro Video

Because the Internet is rapidly moving toward multimedia, the use of online video is becoming more and more popular. There are many advantages to utilizing a video to market your product or service rather than filling your homepage with generic photos and text.  By placing an intro video on your homepage, your website instantly becomes more interactive.  Although there are certain customers who will choose to read the text you provide, the majority of those who land on your site will prefer to watch a video.  Again, keep in mind the diminishing attention span of online users.

Intro videos allow you to efficiently demonstrate what your company does in ways that text cannot.  You can briefly show how your product or service works rather than explaining through lengthy text, which can become confusing.  An intro video will quickly get your message across without boring your audience. Holding their interest throughout your intro video will increase the chances that they become your customer.


As you can see, there are many reasons an intro or explainer video is a must have for your business. So don’t get left behind and be sure to take advantage of the many ways your company can benefit from an intro video!


Article by Joe Forte, co-owner and producer of D-Mak Productions. D-Mak Productions is a company providing video production in Phoenix Arizona specializing in full-service video production from script to screen.