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7 Ways An Explainer Video Can Help Benefit Your Company


7 ways an explainer video can help benefit your company

What is an explainer video?

With the connection of the world through the Internet, a new marketing tool has sprung up across the web: explainer videos. These videos are essentially video pitches used by companies to get a jumpstart on marketing and advertising. Spanning over one to two minutes, explainer videos are used to present a new company or product and explain why a consumer should use it. They usually present the product or company in a casual light, keeping the message short while sparking interest in what they are promoting. Using explainer videos present a number of advantages to those who use them.


Here are 7 ways explainer videos can help benefit your company or product:

–Become more engaging:

Rather than using simple text or pictures to market and advertise, explainer videos can spark more interest in a consumer through a video clip that grabs their attention and shares a simple message and explanation of a product. People are usually keener when then can just watch an advertisement rather than read one or analyze it through one image.

–Increase Conversation Rates:

As explainer videos are more engaging, they can also be more effective in spreading the product or service being advertised. When people watch a video that explains a product or service and how it would benefit them, they become conversation points. These videos network independently because they can be shared and talked about by those who have viewed them, spreading their message through the grapevine as it passes from person to person.

–Easily Shareable:

As I stated with increasing conversation rates, when people talk about an explainer video, they share it, sending the links to your video across the web to anyone and everyone they know depending on the video being shared. Most people who would watch a specific explainer video probably have friends and acquaintances that share similar interests including the product or service in an explainer video.

–Information Retainment:

The Wharton Research Center did a study that determined that people retain 10% of information they hear compared to 50% of information they see. So rather than just use advertising through audio, the visuals of an explainer video help make the message and product stick in a person’s mind, making them more keen to share and reiterate the information an explainer video presents.

–Up Your Rank in Google Search:

It’s a fact, boring websites that are text heavy with block images don’t come up as the top search hits on Google. Using explainer videos rather than endless amounts of text promotes your website and products in a much stronger light for both Google and potential consumers.

–Increased Web Traffic:

The term going viral is very commonplace today and explainer videos are one way of doing it. Using an explainer video that is both engaging and simple to watch while it explains your product or service promotes sharing and through sharing, your video can go viral and exposure can skyrocket. A number of products have benefitted exponentially in the past just by increasing their web traffic and going viral.


Text can become heavy easily and even confusing when it comes to promoting a product or service, but an explainer video can bring clarity to your pitch as the visuals you use can help easily explain the point you’re trying to get across. People understand things better when they both hear and see the explanation for themselves


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Article by Victoria Geske