7 New Ways Video Will Be Used in the Future

Video has come a long way from the days of basic cable VHS tapes and is still progressing. Digital video technology is developing in multiple areas in the modern world, from healthcare to automobiles, and promises to have tremendous impact on the future of society. Here are some up and coming video technologies that quite possibly could change the world as we know it:

Augmented Reality Dashboards

This new innovation has already been under development by companies such as BMW for some time now. In the near future, cars will have the ability to identify external objects through computer vision and display their information on the windshield. Cameras will identify images and send information to the windshield notifying drivers of variables such as how far they are away from an object as well as overlay information on top of what a driver is seeing in real life. These dashboards will include features that will make driving safer; if approaching a vehicle too fast, a red box may appear to alert the driver. Also, a GPS will be on the windshield giving drivers easy step by step directions without forcing them to take their eyes off the road. The video display on the windshield is going to better the driving experience giving drivers access to information that will allow for a safer, informative, and fun-filled commute.

Argus II

Argus II is the world’s first approved retinal prosthesis system intended to restore some functional sight to the visually impaired. This device is composed of an implant, a miniature video camera, eyeglasses, and a small computer. The video camera stored in the glasses, captures the scene; this information is sent to the patient-worn computer where its information is processed into instructions. These instructions are then sent back to the glasses via cable, as well as wirelessly to an antenna embedded within the implant. The stimulation of the implant emits small pulses of electricity which transmit the visual information creating the perception of patterns of light which patients will interpret as visual patterns.


Wello.com allows people to work out with a fitness trainer from anywhere using just a laptop or a tablet. Programs such as Insanity and P90x have introduced fitness to video, but have lacked in an essential item—interaction. Many people have gone through such fitness programs and achieved minimal results, mainly because they don’t have anyone to hold them accountable and encourage them during their workouts. With Wello, this is not the case. This new video innovation allows people to connect directly to their trainer during their workout. With over 7 different workouts available multiple times everyday, people can interact with their trainers and be pushed, encouraged, and guided during their workouts. Wello may be the first video-style workout that will allow people to achieve as good as, or better results than training with an in-person trainer.


Wochit.com is a video news room that produces studio-quality videos about any topic as they happen. Production occurs as breaking stories and trending topics erupt after being discovered from global leaders like Reuters and Getty Images, social networks, and broadcast-quality graphics. These artifacts are then paired with professional voice-over talents to narrate the news and ensure quality results. With this innovation, reading news stories could be a thing of the past. These quick videos, uploaded every couple of minutes, hit every facet of news in a quick and efficient manner.


Similar to Iron Man and Star Wars, holograms are becoming more and more of a reality. A team has developed a state-of-the-art projection system that reflects 3D images into the air. The system was developed to be used in medical field by projecting holograms of vital organs into the air. These interactive holograms will allow doctors to explore the organs in a 3D setting which will promote research and accuracy in real-life surgery. Doctors can cut incisions in the organs as well as, mark it, crop it, zoom in, move it, and look all around the image. This technology is already having major impact on the medical field and is still under development. If this technology continues to progress, it is possible that holography could be the new form of video…or even eliminate video as we know it today.

Google Glass

This product is worn just like regular glasses. The difference is that there is a tiny camera attached to the lens that captures the world around you. If you want to know what time it is, simply look into the screen embedded into the lens. If you want to take a picture, just say “take a picture” and it captures everything you see. Same with video. Google Glass gives you the option to record whatever you see completely hands free. Going to events like concerts and performances with Google Glass allows you to focus on the entertainment and capture the moment without having to stare down and record from your phone the whole time. Not only that, but if you say “share,” you can share what you see. Live. This product in making the recording of video more convenient and accessible in everyday life.

Video Business Cards

People hand out their business cards to potential customers daily. Though some potential customers may use the card and give them a call, most either misplace or discard the card. Video business cards are a new innovation that are guaranteed to capture the attention of potential customers. These cards are the same size as a normal business card plus a couple centimeters of width for the screen. Basically, you lift the front flap and that displays the video that begins playing when the flap is open. This video is essentially your 30-second-sales-pitch where you establish yourself in front of potential clients; this video interaction allows you to connect with a client on a deeper level than if they were to simply read your card.

These cards are so rare that if you were to hand them out, the chances that potential clients keep your card is much higher. Even if a customer does not need your services at the moment, they will most likely keep your video business card and possibly use it in the future. Here at D-Mak Productions, we’ve partnered with a supplier of these video business cards, and offer them to our clients as an additional distribution method for their marketing strategy.


These 7 new digital video innovations are slowly progressing and will be developed in many areas within society. As development occurs, there will be a positive, long lasting effect that could very well cure diseases, save lives, and make the world a better place in general. The future is closer than we think it is, and one of these video innovations could be the spark that opens all of the doors.


Article by Kyan Palmer

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