10 Tips for Working With Outside Production Crews

Video is big in today’s world of online marketing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Sometimes showing is much more effective that telling. Here are ten tips to consider when working with a video production crew.



Research, Research, Research

Before you can even begin to choose a video production crew, you need to learn a little about them. What are their values? How many employees do they have, and what can each one bring to the table? The best place to find answers to these questions is to check out the companies’ online reputations. Blogs, social media sites, and websites often tell you much more than any meeting possibly could.

Hold an Interview

After you’ve done your research, it’s time to begin asking questions before you hire a video production company. Ask them questions that will tell you if they truly care about your project or if you’re just another lead to them. The interview is also a good time to let the production company know your goals and desires. It’s important to remember not to take the interview process too lightly. It sets the stage for your working relationship with the video production crew. Being clear during this step can help deter future complications.


Determine Your Budget Early

Before you sign any contracts with a video production company, figure out what your budget is for making the video. Going into the project with a clear number in mind will benefit both you and the production crew. By knowing ahead of time what funds you can allocate to the project, you put yourself at ease and make sure the crew gets paid for its hard work.

Check On Insurance Coverage

It’s vital that your video production crew carries at least liability insurance in case any accidents occur. This is another factor that will put both parties at ease.

Get to Know the Crew

Getting to know the people working on your video will make the whole process more pleasant for both you and the crew. Additionally, learn which members of the crew will be handling which aspects of your project so that you can go to the right person with any concerns that arise. Doing so will make the production crew happy, since they won’t have to field questions day after day.

Define Your Goals

It’s been mentioned once, but having clear-cut goals is crucial to success. It’s not enough just for you to know your goals; everyone working on the project should be aware of them, as well. If every team member and crew member knows the desired outcome, then you’ll be better able to work together. This will also save the production company from any frustrations that might result from you not approving their work because it didn’t go in the right direction.

Be Available

The last thing any professional wants is to have questions they can’t get answered, and video crews are no exception. Whether it’s by phone, email, or in person, be there for your video production crew. Be available when they need to run ideas by you or when a crisis arises.


Determine Video Rights

Video production companies generally own any footage they shoot for your video, but there is sometimes a question of who owns the final product. Some companies automatically give rights over to the person who hires them since they paid for the services, but you’ll want to be sure. Have the issue clearly laid out in the contract both parties sign, so one can’t come back years later and claim the other has violated its rights.

Show Respect

This is probably the most important rule in any business relationship. When both parties involved in a project respect each other, the end result always works out well. Be respectful of the video production crew’s time by showing up on time to meetings, and respect their expertise by considering their ideas and advice.

Be Professional, Yet Flexible

It’s great to maintain your professionalism, but remember that behind every business is a human, and humans tend to make mistakes. Keep that in mind when working with a video production crew. Show flexibility if mistakes are made, and work with the crew to correct the problem. Additionally, if something can’t be done that you had your heart set on, be open to other ideas.


Keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to have a great relationship with your video production crew and an awesome product to show for it.


Article by Joe Forte, co-owner and producer of D-Mak Productions, a professional video production company in Phoenix, Arizona.