Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Corporate Video Production Company

A very innovative and up to date method of delivering your corporate message to prospective customers is through videos. In order to make an effective video, some companies may want to outsource the task to a corporate video production company. But it is often very tough to find the right company that will capture & conceptualize your message and develop an effective visual marketing tool. Below are some key questions that you should ask to prospective video production companies to assist you in hiring the best team.


1. What makes your production team qualified for the work?

Who is going to be part of the staff working on the project? What is their prior work experience in that field?


2. Can you deliver within my deadline and budget?

Always make certain to put forth your desired deadline of the project and the budget in which you want it all done. It’s never wrong to take precaution and check with the company’s references in order to ensure that the service is indeed reliable.


3. How is the company going to help my video stand out as unique?

It’s always preferred to select a company that can produce a corporate video that would help your business stand out and shine even in the presence of a crowded competitor field. The video should be capable and effective enough to capture the interest and attention of the audience for whom it is targeted. A look at the company’s previous work can give you an idea of the creativity and uniqueness you can expect for your project.



4. What is your plan of action when you take up a project? How will the company for your project do the planning? How are they going to ensure that your message is going to be communicated clearly?

Extensive and open discussion between client and the video production company is a must. A well thought over methodology or plan of action are usual a sign of a video company that produces professional work and has a dedication to quality.


5. What consists of the parts of their service package?

Though this question is largely dependent on things which are to be included in the creation of your video, it’s always favorable to know what the company offers in all its standard service packages.


6. Which filming & editing tools are most frequently used and are at the disposal of the video production company?

In order to create a successful current day corporate video the use of latest technology in filming & editing is essential. What the company has to offer in the choice of equipment and editing are definitely important when choosing a video production company.


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7. What is the policy of your company with respect to rights of footage?

Usually the companies hold the right to the primary raw footage, whereas the clients enjoy full or complete rights on the finished video, but this varies from company to company.


8. Does your company maintain a record of your past projects completed?

In order to judge the style, ability and versatility of the company ask them for a sample of one of their old finished project. By looking at their sample work, you can judge whether the company is professional and formal or fun & daring, whatever meets the needs of your company. Always give more weight to their recently completed projects than projects done many years ago as equipment and technology changes pretty rapidly and a video done even five years ago can be outdated in today’s standards. Also make sure to study the feedback of the customers pertaining to your industry specifically.


9. What is your experience in my industry?

Check whether they have any experience or credibility in the field of producing corporate videos. Also check out whether they have any prior experience within your industry with respect to a product or service similar to yours.


10. How much can I get involved in the production of the video?

Do you want to be a part of the team working on the production of your video or would you like to leave most of the work up to the company? Be sure to talk and discuss your preference with them.


11. What are your other projects currently in production?

Is the company getting a lot of projects? What are the viewpoints of people or pioneers in your industry? Have they worked or recommended anything about this company that you might potentially work with?


12. What methods do you use for distribution? Is the usage effective?

If your corporate video is not reaching your target audience effectively then even though the video is produced by the best corporate video company, all efforts will still go to waste. Social network marketing is a widely effective method for e-marketing because sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & LinkedIn are regularly visited by large crowds of your potential customers increasing chances of your video getting viewed.


Getting these questions answered should definitely give you a good idea of the capabilities of the corporate video production company as well as if it’s going to be a good fit for your company. We find that most corporate video producers are very friendly, but we’re not all created equal. Utilizing these questions in the selection process allows you to dig beneath the surface and really find out what the production company is all about and how they can best help you with your corporate video production project.


Article by Joe Forte, co-owner and producer at D-Mak Productions. D-Mak Productions is one of the top production companies phoenix specializing in high quality professional video production from script to screen.

Photos courtesy of Spin Creative