Real Estate Marketing Video – Vertical Street Ventures

D-MAK Productions, a video production company, has been working with Vertical Street Ventures, a company that specializes in multilevel real estate development as well as teaching others how to successfully manage their own multifamily properties. The goal of the partnership was to help Vertical Street Ventures to effectively communicate their brand message and showcase their developments in a way that would attract investors and customers.

To begin, D-MAK Productions worked closely with the team at Vertical Street Ventures to understand their brand and the message they wanted to convey. They then developed a creative concept that would showcase the company’s developments in a visually compelling way, highlighting the unique features and benefits of each property.

The team at D-MAK Productions then set out to capture footage of Vertical Street Ventures’ developments. They used a variety of cameras and techniques, such as aerial drones, time-lapse photography, and slow-motion, to capture the beauty and unique features of each property. They also interviewed company representatives and students/ soon to be students, to get their perspectives on the developments and the Vertical Street Ventures training course. 

After the footage was captured, D-MAK Productions edited and produced a video promoting Vertical Street Ventures and its training course. The final videos were a huge success for Vertical Street Ventures, as they effectively communicated the company’s message and showcase their developments in a visually compelling way. As a result, the company has seen an increase in interest from investors and customers. Upon the release of their first video, within a year’s time, Vertical Street Ventures went from having under 20 students to over 200. D-MAK Productions has played a vital role in helping Vertical Street Ventures to grow and establish themselves as a leader in the real estate development industry.

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