Marketing Video Production – Kinexon

D-MAK Productions worked with Kinexon, a leading provider of wireless sensors and analytics for sports, to create a video showcasing their partnership with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The goal of the project was to highlight the use of Kinexon’s technology in the WNBA and demonstrate its potential for improving performance and player safety.

The process of creating the video began with pre-production meetings between D-MAK Productions and Kinexon to discuss the overall concept and creative direction for the video. They decided to focus on the use of Kinexon’s wireless sensors on WNBA players, showing how the technology is used to track their movements and performance during games and practices.

During the filming process, D-MAK Productions worked closely with the WNBA to gain access to players and games, capturing footage of the sensors in action on the court. They also interviewed coaches, trainers, and players to get their perspective on the benefits of using Kinexon’s technology.

One of the challenges faced by D-MAK Productions during the project was the need to film in several different locations, including arenas and training facilities. This required a great deal of planning and coordination to ensure that everything was done on schedule and within budget.

The final video was edited and post-produced by D-MAK Productions to create a cohesive and impactful campaign. The video was used across various platforms such as social media, website, and other digital channels. The campaign was successful in showcasing the benefits of Kinexon’s technology for the WNBA and how it can improve performance and player safety, and also helped to raise awareness of Kinexon’s brand in the sports industry. The partnership between D-MAK Productions and Kinexon was a success, and the two companies continue to work together on future projects.

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