Interview Based Branding Video – Sephora

D-MAK Productions worked with Sephora, a leading cosmetics and beauty retailer, to create an impactful video for their “We Belong” ad campaign. The campaign was designed to promote inclusivity and diversity within the beauty industry.

The process of creating the video began with pre-production meetings between D-MAK Productions and Sephora to discuss the overall concept and creative direction for the video. D-MAK Productions then worked with Sephora to build an effective shotlist to tell the story of Sephora’s candidates, Anthony and his daughter. 

During the filming process, D-MAK Productions used a combination of B-roll and footage and interviews to tell the story of the campaign. They focused on capturing candid moments and behind-the-scenes footage of Anthony and his Daughter. One of the challenges faced by D-MAK Productions during the project was telling a story that was not only impactful on its own but also impactful in a way that would help promote Sephora as whole. . 

The footage for the video was sent to Sephora for a quick turnaround time. The video was used across various platforms such as social media, websites, and other digital channels. The campaign was highly successful and helped to increase brand awareness and engagement with Sephora’s diverse customer base. The partnership between D-MAK Productions and Sephora was a smashing success.

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