Internal Corporate Communication – BHP

D-MAK Productions was recently commissioned by BHP, a multinational mining company, to create an internal corporate communication video that showcased the vision of their autonomous mining program and the work being performed at a mine site at Copper Cities to achieve that vision.

To begin, D-MAK Productions worked closely with the team at BHP to understand their autonomous mining program and the goals they wanted to achieve with the video. They then developed a creative concept that would effectively communicate the company’s vision and the progress being made at the Copper Cities site.

The team at D-MAK Productions then traveled to the Copper Cities mine site to capture footage of the work being done there. They used a variety of cameras and techniques, including aerial drones and time-lapse photography, to capture the location shots and the demonstrations being conducted with mining equipment.

After the footage was captured, D-MAK Productions edited and produced a video for BHP that effectively communicated their vision and the progress being made at Copper Cities. The video included interviews with key personnel involved in the autonomous mining program, as well as clips of the demonstrations being conducted on-site.

The final video was a huge success for BHP, as it effectively communicated the company’s vision for their autonomous mining program and the progress being made at the Copper Cities site. It was well-received by internal stakeholders, who gained a better understanding of the company’s direction and the importance of the autonomous mining program. Overall, the project was a great example of how D-MAK Productions can help a company to effectively communicate their message and achieve their goals through video.

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