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How Much Does Video Production Cost?


Video Production Cost – Long before smart phones, flip cameras and YouTube became mainstream, if you wanted a video for your business, you were looking at an investment upwards of $5000. Due to the advent of technologies that has lowered the cost of camera equipment and editing software, as well as the increased popularity of video hosting sites like Vimeo and YouTube, owning a video for your business or brand has never been more affordable.

In the course of a typical business day we usually run into two types of people.

The first person thinks that video production would be too expensive. In their mind, they think that they would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars for a professionally produced video for their business.

Then there’s the second type of person. This person thinks that producing a video is nothing more than pressing the record button on a camera, throwing the footage into a computer and out comes a finished video. They think the cost should reflect the relative “ease” it took to make this video.

Fortunate for all you readers out there, having a professionally done video doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. However, there are many different associated costs of video production and how much each costs that you should be aware of that we will be going over in this post.

1. Project Management

Pre-Production Planning Time

Project Coordination

Typical Costs: It doesn’t matter what profession–dentists, plumbers, or lawyers–you are paying for the experience and expertise of that professional, and you usually tend to get what you pay for. Video production is no exception. You should expect to pay $25 an hour for a graduate fresh out of film school and $250 an hour for a veteran video production pro. On average, in Phoenix and similar metro areas the executive producer of the project usually earns a flat rate.

2. Script Development


Shot List

Typical Costs: When working on script development, the most important thing to keep in mind is the objective of the video. While how you frame the shot, light the scene and capture the audio is important, they don’t matter if your video does not capture the attention of your target audience. You could expect to spend between $65 an hour to $150 an hour for an experienced script writer to create a video concept, storyboard and script for your video.

3. Talent

On-screen Actors

Voice over Actors

Union or Non-Union



Typical Costs: Not everyone has a great on-screen persona. Will professional actors or models be needed to increase the impact of your message? If so, it is usually $55 an hour to $500 an hour or more for that type of talent depending on demand, experience and union costs.

4. Video Assets


Stock Photos (Royalty Free)
Licensed photos
Custom Photography


Stock video (Royalty Free)
Licensed Video
Custom Video

Illustrations/3D Elements

Stock illustrations
Custom Illustrations
Purchase 3D Models

Typical Costs: Stock images can be as inexpensive as $5 each and HD stock footage can cost as little as $50 each. You should expect to pay considerably more for high quality images. Most videos will benefit from having additional shots that supplement what is being said on screen. In the video production industry, we call these B-Roll or Cut-Away Shots. If you are describing a product or service in your video, you should have cut-away shots of that item or someone performing those services. Showing the audience what is being described in the video helps keep the attention of the viewer and also is more informative. Cut-Aways and B-Roll Shots are usually between 15% and 50% of all filming/shooting costs. This will depend on the time needed to take the extra footage and the type of camera used.

5. Special Effects


Motion Graphics


Typical Costs: There are some videos that require simple graphics and others that are entirely animated. Prices range from $65 to $170 an hour for basic editing. However, special effects could easily cost $95 to more than $300 an hour. The cost of high quality 3D animation depends on the experience of the animator and complexity of the project.

6. Location

Studio Rental

Fees and Permits

Local or Travel

Building Rental

Typical Costs: Where are you shooting? Are you shooting indoors or outside? Do you need a sound stage or a studio? Are you filming in more than one location? Are you shooting with a green screen? Do you need to travel between different locations? The most vital factor is the total amount of time that will be required for production. With good planning you can do a lot in a specific amount of time (which is another reason why scripting and storyboarding is so important). If a studio is needed, prices range around $95 to $400 an hour depending on the size of the studio.

7. Music

Stock Music (Royalty Free)

Custom Score

Typical Costs: Will special sound effects or additional audio be added to your video? Royalty Free music for video starts as low as $30 for a two to three minute track. It could cost $1,000 or more if you wanted an audio engineer to make a song for your video, depending on the ability and experience of the musician and the needs of the project.

8. Crew


Director of Photography (DP)

Camera Operator






Motion Graphics Artist/Animator

Typical Costs: Key personnel such as the Director, Videographer and Editor typically earn from $75 to $150 an hour. Sound professionals with their own equipment usually earn between $45 and $75 an hour while Lighting Professionals usually earn between $25 and $50 an hour.

9. Video Rendering and Compression Time

Typical Costs: There are many file formats that one could shoot in during the production process. Someone has to transfer footage to a format that works in your non-linear editing system. After editing, the video must be rendered to a format of presentation (for web, for broadcast, etc.) and you may have to upload it depending on where it’s going (your web server, YouTube, etc.). This all takes time on the computer. Depending on the company’s rate structure, these costs can be included with other services such as editing or they are included as an hourly charge on the budget. Prices are usually in the range of $25 to $75 an hour depending on the processing speed of the computer used.

10. Overhead

Equipment (Cameras, Lights, Sound, Studio, Computers, Software)

Insurance (Liability and Workers Compensation)

Typical Costs: Are you filming on a $200 Smart Phone or a $25,000 RED Camera? The bottom line with camera costs is that the more expensive the camera, the more dramatic difference you will notice in the final product. Depending on the camera package you choose to film with, you can spend from $30 to $500 an hour or more. Extra equipment such as jibs, teleprompters and the like can run from $30 to $100 an hour and up.

So, back to the opening question—what does video production cost? The simple answer is that there isn’t a simple answer. You could record a video on your iPhone and upload it to YouTube and it wouldn’t cost a thing. You could hire Steven Spielberg to produce the same video and it would cost you 100 million dollars. There are so many variables that go into video production. Hopefully this blog post has helped you understand the different pieces of the video production puzzle and what role each of these pieces play in the final cost of your video

There are some figures you can start with to use as a general guideline for budgeting. It usually costs anywhere from $2000 to $7000 and upwards for a two to three minute industrial video (which is an industry term for a corporate video). Most production companies agree that video production is usually priced around a rate of $1000 per finished minute, and we agree that it is a good starting point to consider when budgeting. When you’re looking into hiring a video production company, a quick and easy way to get an estimate is to have a reference video to compare it with. (How much would something like ‘that’ cost?)

Another thing you should consider when working with a production company is to share your budget. Most businesses have a budget to work with and are sometimes reluctant to disclose it. As both a customer at one point in time and now the co-owner of a video production company, my results have always been better when I said “Here’s my budget, these are my objectives, what can you do for me?” If you don’t decide on a budget, the production company will have to guess at one. And they might be giving you a quote for a video that you could have done on a much smaller budget, had you only given them a budget range before they sent you a proposal. In my experience, most producers are very open with their clients about what certain services cost and I would be cautious of working with a company that gives you a single price for a video or series of videos without breaking down what is going into that price point.

You also want to remember to keep an open mind. Coming to the table with a certain creative approach, a particular video style and an already completed script is always beneficial. However, it’s always a good idea to listen to different approaches, especially if you are hiring a company based on their knowledge and skill.

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Also, for a limited time, we are offering our own take on a stimulus package. You can shoot a professional produced video up to 60 seconds in length at Image Ave Studios (one of our strategic partners that we work with for our in studio shoots)  with your choice of over 50 standard backgrounds starting at only $500 dollars. Included in our discount is a 15-minute consultation before we start filming to discuss your video, review your script and choose a background. In the studio, we’ll coach you or your actor on where to stand, where to look, and how to quickly film the shot you’re looking for. Write your own script and we’ll place it in our teleprompter, so you’ll know exactly what to say. Not the on-camera type? Not a problem. Recruit an employee, a friend, a relative, or even hire one of our actors. It’s that easy.

Then our professional editors will take the footage back to the lab, where they’ll add a graphic with your name and a brief message at the bottom of the screen. They’ll also create a full screen slide at the end of the video with your business name and contact info so there’s a call to action. You can come pick up your file on DVD or we’ll digitally transfer it to your FTP if you’d like, all within a couple weeks. We also have an extensive list of a la carte items you can choose from to dynamically add to your video, like music, multiple camera angles, motion graphics, animation and additional features catered to fit within your budget.

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This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. D-Mak Productions is one of the best Arizona video production companies. D-Mak Productions specializes in tv commercial, live event, corporate, web and online video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and ease to work with throughout the entire video production process.

Music Video Behind The Scenes: Vee – “Bag of Purp”


Phoenix AZ Music Video Production – VeeThaRula aka VeeMovement aka Vee took some time away from making aliases to shoot this music video for “Bag of Purp” off of his soon-to-be released mixtape “Rula”. D-Mak Productions was there to capture the behind the scenes atmosphere of the local AZ hip hop artist in his element.

The production was quite the setup, converting an “un-disclosed” warehouse into a fully functional studio. The song has dark undertones along with a purple theme that was consistent from the set design to the lighting scheme.

[slideshow_deploy id=’638′]

This night of shooting was just one piece of the puzzle that will be used in the finished product. Co-Directors PA Molumby and Adam Wade filmed the performance shots with DSLR cameras, one in a kings chair and one under a piece of Plexiglas raised on a fork lift.

Check the final product here!

and keep it locked to D-Mak Productions for more behind the scenes posts!

Article by Danny McManus.

The Video Production Process – A Quick Overview


Corporate Video Production – Are you interested in producing a video for your company, product, or brand but don’t know where to begin or the steps involved? There are a lot of moving parts to consider when planning the production of your video.  The three main areas of focus to the process are pre-production, production and post-production. This article is in no way a complete and comprehensive guide to video production, but it will give you a good overview so you know exactly what to expect when planning and executing your production.

The fundamental goal of any video is to aim at creating a specific response among viewers.  What that response is can range from simply learning a recipe, to buying a product, or causing a person to attend an certain event.


Make sure you keep your goal front and center, especially in pre-production, because you don’t want to overshadow the action you want the viewer to take with too many messages.

Now it’s time to produce a rough outline of your project. In some cases you have a great idea of what you want the video to be about, in others you’re creatively stumped and want to leave the entire process up to the video production company. This brain storming part is more along the lines of what an ad agency does and is definitely an option, albeit a more expensive one than doing it yourself. Make sure the production team you are choosing offers this service and will help coordinate with your goals, image and style to make them a priority early on.



The most important part of the project that can’t be overstated is the preproduction, which includes the scripting. Great movies, television and videos all begin with great scripts. More than any other single factor, the script determines a video’s success.

Whether you’re going to write a script yourself, hire a scriptwriter, or simply take on a video production company to do it all for you, it is very much in your financial interest to learn what makes a good script. Here’s why. The script is the blueprint for both the shooting and editing of a video. These two phases, production and post-production are where most of your budget will be spent. Just as a blueprint allows you to get competitive bids for the construction of a house, the script allows the producer to get several bids for the production and post-production of a video. The same script can be produced on different budgets.

Here are two different links for examples of scripting, SCREENPLAY FORMAT and TV SCRIPT FORMAT.

Screenplay script


Collecting information from all the people involved in the project is always step one. The ideas that will be integrated into the video should revolve around what the client wants and what can be done with their budget.

From the client perspective, it’s great to be creative with your ideas. Know what you want in terms of image, perception, and identity for your business. What are the points and goals of your video that you want to emphasize, in order to revolve your script around them?

This is where a proposal from the video production company comes into play in consideration of the scope of the task to be fulfilled alongside the funds and resources.

Once the script is agreed upon the next step in the pre production phase is finding locations, securing transportation, renting camera equipment (camera, lights and sound), hiring personnel, and casting talent.




Action Clapper


The production of your project will consist of the actual videography (video shooting) and all its many moving parts. The way in which the schedule is organized will play a big part in how well your production flows. Make sure that the grip (electric), sound and set design departments are a full step ahead of the cast and rest of crew. It’s vital to allow them time to set up the scenes that will be filmed ahead of the talent/director so no one is waiting around. This set up time can be used for hair makeup to prepare the talent as well as have the director do some last minute read throughs with the cast.

It is important that the communication between you and your video production company is strong and consistent. The attitude of the company’s staff should be positive at every instance and the relationship should ultimately contribute to a great final product.



Lastly, Post-Production is the final factor that brings the entire production process together. Video editing, motion graphics, audio editing, and color correction are all parts of the post-production process. It requires both skill and time with many variables that determine how long it will actually take. A well thought out script with storyboards will drastically reduce the time required in post-production.

Other considerations that come into play during editing are any logos that might be used, graphics, music and even photographs that could help support the goal of the video. Providing sample edits throughout this process will reassure both the client and video production company that the job is headed in the right direction.

Article by Joe Forte.

post production editing

D-Mak Productions is an Arizona video production company specializing in business / corporate video production, music video production, web video production, and fashion / model video production.

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5 Aspects of Video Marketing and What it Could Mean to your Business


The members of our Phoenix, AZ video production company are always striving to learn the latest and greatest ways for companies such as yours to market their brand, company message, products or services.

Going into this New Year, video marketing is in definite demand everywhere. According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executive members would prefer to watch a video then look at text. From those who view the video, 65% go on to see the business website, 50% pursue further information, and 45% went on to contact the company after watching the online video. Lastly, 50% of viewers went on to purchase from the company due to video marketing.

By utilizing video, you create greater recognition to your business, brand, or name through messages that draw specific audiences. As successful as video marketing can be, it should be used to increase the quality of your business’s content, not only for providing it.


Here are 5 aspects of video marketing that could help show everyone what you got!

1. Content Promotion

The substance that makes up your video is what persuades your viewers to take action towards your cause. What are some of your customer’s problems that can be solved with video? If you address these problems with video, you will genuinely help your customers and further your company’s message.


2. Public Relations Supporting Material

Not only will video help your company, it’ll help others in promoting your business through blogs, news, and sharing. The more you put out there to be seen, the better chance for exposure to your audience.



3. Event Production Video

Events can show off a distinct instance of “skill meets opportunity” by endorsing your business in action, in a way that does not limit creativity.


4. Video Email

Video email is another booming approach to video, and has been claimed to have 4-7 times more of a higher response then a standard email. It can be targeted at specific client listings or even sent as promotional content for people unaware of your company.


5. Consumer Input Video

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories are convincing forms of video marketing for a business. What better way to hear about the benefits of a product then from people that used it.



Article by Joe Forte.

Looking to get your business started with video marketing? Contact D-Mak Productions for a complementary proposal for your video production services project today!

D-Mak Productions is a Phoenix, AZ video production company specializing in business / corporate video production, music video production, web video production, and fashion / model video production.