Why You Should Use Video in your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every day 500 years of YouTube videos are seen on Facebook and every minute 700+ YouTube videos are shared via Twitter!*


Videos have established themselves as one of the popular engaging ways to push your content forward on the World Wide Web. They not only offer a hassle-free experience for the viewer, but also help companies deliver a message whether entertaining or educational.

Even in the context of buzz marketing, where you should let your ‘fans’ vouch for you by spreading your message, what could be a better way than to have an hd video production which could easily be shared with one click? Every ‘like’ by your ‘fans’ means the video is noticed by more people on their friend list, who might watch and ‘share’ it in turn, thus creating more buzz!

Videos also help in establishing and maintaining lasting customer relationships with loyal consumers. Every time they ‘comment’ on the video, they are either starting or joining in the conversation.

Product videos also allow for a quick market analysis. Even before launching a product, you can test the waters by gauging public opinion about it. With real time interactions, you can put up questions and also find answers to the wants and needs of your consumers as you enhance the capabilities of your product. If you are not convinced then just think about the popularity of the sneak-peek/teaser videos!

In more ways than one, your business video will help you out. With it you would be able to promote your brand as well as understand your target market better. Don’t forget that social media is all about fun and a little bit of it in your video will attract much attention!



Written by Andy Woodruff, Managing Director at Webvideos ltd.

Webvideos is a London based internet company providing a full range of services, from websites, to internet marketing strategies, custom-made mobile ready videos and deep technical implementation.