Why A Video Landing Page Can Fetch You More Conversions

The use of a video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. Nevertheless some organizations may shy away from the process of constructing a video landing page because they aren’t certain where they should get started. Video can greatly improve the effectiveness of any landing page — and it isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem. There are some very substantial reasons why a business should invest in deploying video throughout their site, especially at the beginning of the sales funnel.


Video Landing Pages Make Your Case Fast

Studies have shown that you have about eight seconds to catch your audience’s eye. That’s not long at all. In fact, by the time you reach the end of this sentence, this paragraph will have taken about eight seconds to read. Rather than trying to catch your audience’s attention through words, you can catch their attention through a multimedia presentation. It’s far easier to engage your audience quickly when you have a lot going on, rather than when you’re asking them to read and engage with written content.

Not only can video landing pages grab attention fast, but they can also be set to auto play — which means that your audience doesn’t have to choose to watch the video, it will simply begin the moment they open the landing page. It’s easy for an audience to become distracted, especially when they are looking for something specific on the Internet or when they are not fully engaged. An automatically playing video will sidestep this.


Video Landing Pages Work on Mobile

Only about 50% of organizations today have optimized their landing pages for mobile. This is a problem because mobile browsing now comprises a great deal of Internet interactions and sales — and this number is only going to grow. The modern consumer is using tablets, smartphones, and other devices to browse through the Internet and to make purchases. And many of them aren’t going to bother entertaining a website that doesn’t work or that isn’t formatted to their device; instead, they’re just going to back out and continue their search.


Video is a unique type of media because of the way it runs on mobile and desktop platforms. A video is going to be handled natively on any platform, so that it plays optimally on any screen. Though the website itself still has to be optimized for mobile, the video is going to operate just as cleanly on a mobile device as it would otherwise run on a desktop device. This means that you can capture mobile sales more easily.


Video Landing Pages Can Compress Large Amounts of Data

What exactly is in a video that’s on a landing page? it can be anything you want. It can explain the brand and product or it can simply be an elevator pitch for a solution. Regardless, video condenses large amounts of data to the customer; it’s far easier to give the customer data through video than it would be through text or even through audio. This is because there are many complicated steps and processes that can be explained more easily visually; the customer will be able to digest and retain this information better. Most people are primarily visual learners because of this.


If your product or your solution is particularly complex, that makes video landing pages all the more effective. A video landing page is going to make it easier to explain these concepts to your customers, and will therefore make it easier to interest them in your product.


Video Landing Pages Focus Your Audience

As many as 48% of landing pages contain multiple offers. This is problematic because it splits focus between products — often competing ones. Though there is a temptation to ensure that the audience leaves with something, it’s better to narrow your focus to a single product. Video is an excellent way to do this. Though video engages the audience in multiple ways (both video and audio), it also focuses the audience on its own content. Video is a great way to make sure that the audience is 100% engaged on a single offer.


Video Landing Pages Can Get Going Fast

Loading time really matters. A delay of a single second can kill off 7% of your conversions. Most of your audience is going to be fairly impatient, and that means that you need to get content up there quickly. One of the best ways to do this is through a video landing page. Video landing pages can load quickly and begin playing a video immediately. Videos don’t have to completely load in order for them to start playing; in fact, most videos only need to load for a few milliseconds before they have transferred enough data to the user’s device.


Because of this you’ll be able to engage your user’s right away rather than having to hope that they stick around until text and image loads. And with the before mentioned ability to auto play, you’ll be able to immediately start playing your video even without the customer’s interactions.


Video Landing Pages Have Excellent Retention

The average video will retain 37% of viewers until the end. This is a tremendous amount; it means that you’ll be able to retain quite a few individuals who get to your landing page, and can thus pitch them your product fully. Of course, a lot of this also has to do with video length. Videos that are under 90 seconds can have a retention rate of up to 53%, which is very high for a landing page. Depending on how accurate your sales funnel is at filtering an audience truly interested in your product, you will be able to achieve high levels of engagement through video.

Personalized videos are also ranked higher. With landing pages being able to be modified as they can be, an organization can have multiple landing pages with multiple videos for each of their campaign. This offers the unique opportunity to be able to personalize and tailor a highly effective form of marketing to a customer.


Video Landing Pages Can Be Shared on Social Media

Video is one of the most shareable types of media. Landing pages are one of the most infrequently shared types of content — because they are personalized and because they tend to be very aggressive about getting a customer into the sales funnel. But with an engaging video, it’s fully possible that a business may be able to get their customers to share their video landing pages. And this can be an invaluable type of fully organic advertising. By ensuring that video landing pages are interesting, unique, and eye-catching, a business can actually make a video landing page that is entertaining on its own. This will create content that has legs; content that can even outgrow the organization’s current marketing campaign.



Video Landing Pages Can Be Used for Other Things

For the most part, the video on a video landing page is going to be something that can be utilized throughout other sections of the campaign — and thus it’s a one-time expense for an investment. In particular, explainer videos are frequently used on video landing pages, and many businesses may already have explainer videos available for their organization. This gives the unique opportunity to re-use content for a different purpose in a highly effective manner. Many video landing pages can become a targeted, directed funnel towards the organization’s best content and best pitches.

Even if a commercial is designed specifically for a video landing page, that doesn’t mean that that is the only area in which it can be used. Commercials can also be distributed through social media and other areas of the website. Testimonials are an excellent choice for this type of campaign: a testimonial operates very well on a video landing page and can also be used throughout an organization’s other media. When it comes to high quality video, an organization will want to find multiple places in their advertising strategy through which it can be used.


Video Landing Pages Are the Future

73% of marketers are intending to increase their usage of video. Videos of all types are being increasingly used for two reasons: it is becoming easier to make videos and it is becoming easier to distribute them. What does this mean? It means that the competition is probably going to be using videos in their marketing shortly — and that if you don’t begin using videos for your organization’s landing pages, you could be left behind. It’s always important to be able to keep the pace of the competition; and it’s ideal to be able to exceed them. If you’re the first to market with a superior landing page, you’ll be the first to attain even greater success.


Video landing pages are deceptively easy to make and they have a lot going for them. Not only are they more engaging and more likely to convert, but they can also great superb media in their own right that can be used throughout an effective marketing campaign. And though it may seem difficult to create videos for a landing page, it’s truly not; all it requires is engaging with a professional video company.


Article by Joe Forte, co-owner and producer at D-Mak Productions, a professional phoenix video production company.