What Happens in Vegas… Video Production in Ad Promos

Vegas is the world’s playground, which makes it the perfect place for aspiring hd video production professionals to capture all the intrigue, debauchery and fun of Sin City. If you aspire to make award-winning ads, look no further than the masters of Vegas. All you need is a camera, creative inspiration and the courage to break the ultimate Vegas code …

The Cosmopolitan: Never Ending Curiosities

Learn from the artsy, free-spirited essence of its features. It draws you in, perplexes you, kind of grosses you out, but you can’t stop staring. Cosmopolitan ads blend shock value and artistic perspective. Ad expert Jim Long tells The Las Vegas Times he finds the ad “offbeat and unexpected,” clearly targeted towards those who are curious and adventurous. Takeaway: if you get artsy you might attract weird.



The Bellagio: Love, Nostalgia, Travel , Tranquility

Aside from spending a fortune on Andrea Bocelli, this production is relatively simple, yet evocative. Close ups and slow pans give this ad a timeless appeal and an urgent desire to make a patronage to the Renaissance playground of Steve Wynn. Takeaway: simple romance and sprawling scenery never get old.



MGM Grand: Pick Your Own Adventure

This ad clearly thinks it’s funny, but funny is hard to pull off when your audience would generally rather sit in traffic than watch another long ad. The “choose your scenario” element attempts to interact with the audience, but falls short. Most of the commercial ends up as just another hotel montage. Takeaway: if you’re going to use humor, make sure there’s a solid punchline, gimmicks aren’t enough.


Article by Joe Forte.