What Are the Best Uses for Real Estate Video Marketing?

The connection between real estate and video marketing usually starts and ends with your typical listing video to advertise a property to potential clients. This is not the extent of the possibilities though and learning how to use video marketing in other ways can be exponentially beneficial to your company. Here are just a few examples of how video marketing in real estate can be used best:


Community Website and Videos:
If you’re working with community style real estate, advertise your whole product. Don’t just produce and post real estate videos of a single house, advertise the whole community and how it can be a great fit for any potential client. People want to know about the area surrounding their potential new home, so using your products surroundings can go a long way in helping convince someone that they’ve found the right fit. Show them what you have to offer, whether it’s a community park nearby, or a top elementary school for their kids, people want to be convinced to live somewhere and showing them what could be around their new home and lives is a great way to start the convincing.


Just Sold Video:
So this is sort of like a listing video, but with a twist. Rather than showing a home that is on the market, you can use this type of video to show prospects the properties you’ve recently sold. This gives them an idea of the work you’ve done before as well as your abilities. This type of video lets your work history speak for itself rather than having a list or resume of properties you’ve worked with in the past. Videos always go farther than words when attracting new prospects.


Display Videos:
Having a video to play in your leasing center is a great way to give your prospects a preview of what it is you have to offer. It provides them with the necessary background information and can even answer many of the questions they would have before you even talk to them. Most importantly though, when they walk into your office, their attention will be grabbed and the pitch starts the second they walk in the door. The video sparks their interest and you can seal the deal.


Advice Videos:
Rarely is a home perfectly setup to be sold. There are always little fixes and changes that can be made to enhance a property to prospects. Using such videos can help attract clients because they show them how you have helped people in the past and how you can potentially help them. Everybody could use a little advice, especially in the real estate game and this is a great way to advertise your abilities. It’s also a great way to show how you are able to work with your clients, when you take the testimonies of those you’ve helped and benefitted in the past, it goes a long way in attracting someone new. It plants the idea in their mind, “well they helped them and it turned out great, they could do that for me too”.


One of the easiest options that can broaden your potential audience to no end is the use of YouTube for your video marketing. The benefits of this can easily be seen, putting your videos on YouTube enhances your audience from a list of emails to a website founded on video sharing where millions of people watch daily. A marketing video that could go viral can blow up your list of prospects and get your name out to the masses all at once.


Article by Joe Forte.