What are the Benefits of Aerial Video for Business?

The Benefits of Aerial Video

One of the many services our company is specifically proud of being capable of offering is drone filming. This is done with the use of multi rotor copters armed with professional recording devices. They are capable of offering aerial video with remarkable and stunning results. For a service which is so simple to set up and use, the outcomes are amazing. Film and video production companies are now capable of providing remarkable aerial video footage for their clients.

Aerial video is quite literally, a moving picture captured from the air. With today’s state of the art technology, it is roughly always captured with automatic or unmanned aerial system or popularly known as drones. These drones are very lightweight remote control aircraft which can support video cameras and have made a fantastic opportunity to capture shots previously just accessible from an incredibly costly helicopter in the past. This is unbelievable, as it means even agencies with smaller budgets can obtain really remarkable looking shots from the air!


The Advantage of Aerial Video to Your Business

Through having a business video with such striking and attention grabbing video production, it is much more possible to engage with the customers and keep their attention. This will assist to enhance sales conversions as well as brand appeal after viewers watch the business video. Aerial video is an excellent opportunity to stand out from among the crowd as well as the competition to make an attention grabbing first impression of your company. On top of this, it provides a remarkable chance to showcase the advantage of your location, access, as well as surrounding features from angles not available in the past.

Aerial video can also provide a distinctive view of the place. It is also ideal for showing a diverse vantage point of the business and service through showing a bird’s eye view. Any company can enhance their appeal by using aerial video. It is assured to attract your customer’s attention, as a result might enhance future sales.

We have found aerial video to provide great benefits for the following industries:

Real Estate Business

Real estate agencies can largely gain from aerial video as the real size, shape, as well as the layout of a property can be rightly captured. For possible buyers who like to see the property and its home in general, aerial video does the most excellent task of showing real dimensions. Provide customers what they are searching for… aerial shots of the property and its whole beauty.


Aerial shots of outdoor amenities of the resort as a whole are ideal for the website of a resort. The first thing potential customers look at if visiting a resort web site is video or pictures. They like to see precisely what they may be paying for. A lot of resorts feature page after page of videos or pictures which show the swimming pool, outdoor and indoor amenities, lounge areas, bedrooms, the lobby, the garden and so much more. Future guests could become lost in the many videos and pictures and become puzzled with regards to the actual layout of the facility. So as to provide future customers which a more precise portrayal, upload a remarkable aerial video shot of the whole resort. This will provide potential clients the feeling of how the resort is arranged or set up.

aerial-video-companyBuilding or Construction Sites

Construction agencies could gain largely from aerial video in a couple of diverse means. First and foremost, when a contractor company, backer or sponsor likes to see the development of a specific task, an aerial shot will best show the work which has been completed. Construction companies like to SEE the development, not just being told what progress has taken place. So as to show that the task is underway, give your contractor an aerial video of the progress. By means of aerial video, no corners could be cut as well as no details could be left uncaptured.

Special Occasion

A shot from above is an extreme means to capture the whole image of an occasion. These videos are perfect tools for future advertising materials, on your sites and media releases.

Branding and Marketing

This post includes just a couple of the several means particular industries could utilize aerial video to their benefit. On a wider spectrum, all businesses and companies can utilize aerial video for branding and marketing purposes. It’s becoming much more common to see videos with shots taken from an aerial vantage point. Because they are becoming more common, a lot more people want video with bird’s eye views included. Any company could enhance the visual look through using exceptional aerial video. Branding techniques could also be largely influenced by this kind of video.


Who Can Make An Aerial Video For Your Business?

There are a couple of expert aerial video production agencies out in the market today. On the other hand, almost all expert video production agencies provide aerial video alongside their usual video production services either through bringing outside aerial drone operators or by providing it in-house. If you are interested in including aerial video to an upcoming video production project, try to be as comprehensive as possible in conveying what you need in order to obtain an accurate idea of expenses, timelines, insurance needs, etc.


Is Aerial Video Costly to Produce?

As you might or might not know, professionally produced business video isn’t and has never been cheap, yet looked at as an important investment as it provides almost unparalleled value for the money in terms of marketing ROI. With such a high amount of possible uses, video is very versatile in its capability to reach possible clients in a manner no other marketing way can. The cost of producing aerial video could differ largely due to the complex nature of some tasks. Most don’t realize that the more advanced your aerial equipment is, the more it will cost to produce a video utilizing that equipment. This is because having a drone that can handle heavier weight loads can accommodate heavier cameras. Typically the heavier the camera, the more it costs. Flying with a heavier weight load increases the risk and insurance liability, as it can cause more damage if something goes wrong. As always, it is ideal to give your local aerial video expert a call to get an idea of the cost for your particular project.