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Types of Corporate Videos and Why You Need Them


Making YouTube videos is no longer considered just a hobby for trendy young people. It’s becoming a part of serious business for the corporate world. Not only is YouTube one of the most popular websites of the decade for web video, it’s also a powerful social network and an effective way to showcase brands and demonstrate products. Many businesses now include short corporate videos on their home pages to help consumers learn about them quickly. Here are some of the various different video production types that can help explain your business.


Company Profile :

One of the best ways to introduce your company to consumers is through a company profile video. It can include messages from the CEO, other top officials and product experts. This type of video helps reach a common ground with people within and beyond your target market. By showing pictures of inside the enterprise and giving a little company history, along with its mission statement and unique marketing proposition, viewers can get a clear idea of the company’s purpose in the market.


Broadcast Commercial :

Although this type of video is perhaps the most expensive on the list, it can also generate the most return on investment if shown enough times on popular television channels. You should only attempt a television commercial, however, when you have the budget to do a high quality production and can afford to do a lot of television advertising, since repetition on a popular channel is the key to success.


Online Commercial :


An online commercial differs from a television commercial in the sense that it is not restricted by a 30 or 60 second time limit and it doesn’t require as large of a budget. Many online commercials are low budget and simply rely on good storytelling, which can be an important key to going viral on YouTube. Small and medium businesses are finding this concept to be very useful.


Industrial :


Aimed at audiences within a specific industry, an industrial video is designed to be informative about products, services and industry trends. It can be used for fundraising to get more investors involved and it can be used for business to business marketing, particularly at trade shows.


Promotional :

Similar to online commercials, promotional videos are designed to showcase products and services except they are not necessarily made just for online consumption. They can also be distributed through DVDs and packaged with other media as well as shared on social media.


Customer Testimonial :

One of the best ways to connect with consumers is to offer product reviews by actual customers who have tested the product. It’s becoming an important part of marketing since online shoppers want quick answers as to whether a product is worth buying and lives up to promotional claims.


Internal Communication :


Known as an “address to camera,” an internal video can be directed at staff, vendors or clients. It is an effective way to explain a company policy or other internal information.


Staff Training :


You can accelerate your staff learning curve by using demonstration and training videos. The power of the visual medium allows team members to watch the video over and over again until the information is understood. It’s an excellent way to clarify “how to” steps. Quality training videos that use clear communication can cut down on training expenses since they eliminate the need for repetitious instruction to accommodate new team members.


Talent Recruitment :

Designed to promote your company as a good employer to attract skilled workers, recruitment videos can help HR departments target specific markets for recruiting the most appropriate talent. They can used in conjunction with classified ads on employment websites.


Event Documentation :

It’s advantageous for your company to roll video on events that you present to the public or that document your milestones. These videos become achievement evidence that you can showcase on your website and share through social media. It’s a compelling visual way to develop an archive of company history.


Conferences and Seminars :

Similar to event videos, conference or seminar videos allow consumers to watch your company presentations without leaving home. The beauty of these type of videos, like most videos not necessarily designed for television broadcast, is that there are no time constraints. You are free to offer content depth that cannot be found elsewhere.


Creative Alternatives :

There are many ways to get creative with corporate video production that draws attention. Using digital animation is one way to stand out since most companies do not use this idea due to the fact that it can be expensive. Sometimes using a series of infographics can be just as eye catching and artistic. Another idea that is not overdone is hiring a jingle writer or songwriter to come up with a theme song for your business and set it to a slide show that promotes your brand and products.



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Article by Joe Forte, owner and producer at D-Mak Productions, a Scottsdale video production company specializing in producing corporate, commercial, digital and branded media content.