Quick Tips For How to Look Good on Video: Dress, Make-up & Hair

Quick Tips For How to Look Good on Video: Dress, Make-up & Hair

The mirror and the camera, though similar in practice are very different. The way you look in the mirror drastically changes on camera. In order to ease your nerves and boost your looks for your there are a few appearance tips regarding your hair, makeup, and jewelry to follow:


What you wear has a major effect on the way people perceive you. When picking out your outfit/outfits for your production shoot keep in mind a few things: The color, fit, patterns, and fabric of your getup.


Pastels/ Earth tones look the best on camera. Extremely dark colors tend to blur particulars and wash out your skin tone on camera. Very bright colors can produce exposure problems. Be aware of your background and avoid wearing something that blends in. (No green if your using a green-screen in your shoot.) Try avoiding white at all costs.


Your clothing should be versatile, allowing comfortable movement, standing, or sitting. If your clothes fit properly, the risk of a clothing malfunction is reduced drastically.


SOLID COLOR CLOTHES are crucial for a successful video. Loud patterns such as checkers and stripes cause a flickering on film.

Fabric: Wearing Satin may make you appear too shiny whereas Chiffon may be too revealing. Other metallic-looking fabrics or anything with beads or jewelry should be avoided if you are able to.



Your makeup should be applied thicker than everyday wear. POWDER! Translucent powder will be your best friend during your time on camera. The nature of the high-powered lights will make you sweat- its unavoidable. With a touch of powder around your nose and on your cheeks, your face will lose the greasy shine and look fresh. Choose a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Makeup is a strong tool for framing your face and the proper application before your shoot is key!



Hair is one of the most underrated things when it comes to appearance, but it can either make or break your appearance on camera. Rather than using hair spray or mouse on dry hair, spraying into wet hair will help avoid your hair looking oily or greasy. Make sure all of your hair is out of your face. The audience wants to see your face and not your hair.



Use the above tips to ensure your look on camera is up to your personal standards. However, always keep in mind that no matter what you wear or how your makeup and hair look, confidence is the best accessory to have on camera. A relaxed and confident state of mind creates the body language that you need to look your best on camera.


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