Do It Yourself – $15 PVC Shoulder Rig Tutorial for DSLR Cameras

Looking for a cheap solution to stabalize your DSLR? Look no further than this detailed video tutorial on how to turn $15 worth of material into a rig that will do the job. Some tips I would give, the PVC cutter he says to get is a great tool but not completely vital to the project.

Also, it took me a hot minute trying to get the bike grips off of my bike, a quick solution rather than trying to yank them off like I did is to lift up the grip and spray some Greese or WD40 in there and they slide right off. I wrapped it with electrical tape and didn’t glue certain parts for flexibility, only draw back is that it sometimes comes apart when I’m shooting If I make any crazy movements. Good luck with your DIY project and stay tuned to our next blog post right here at D-Mak Productions.

60D and PVC Rig Seen Here