Creators’ Corner: Chris Latouche

Starting off our “Creators’ Corner” blog-series this week, we are honing in around creative-content producer/film director Chris Latouche, who is currently employed under Sean Combs and his new music network, Revolt TV. Revolt is a site dedicated to building an empowering platform for both artists and audiences.


Revolt TV launches its website next October and is seeking the best voices and minds to build the network from the ground up. Being a creative-content producer for Comb’s network only raises the bar for Latouche and other producers who are expected to be of the many “architects who define culture and influence society.”


His recent works, which include Cassie’s new music video “I Know What You Want” and a live-coverage of Combs’ night at the BET awards, are setting him on the path of becoming one of creative revolutionists that Combs is searching for with his new music network company.


Some of Latouche’s responsibilities at Revolt TV include: video production, covering live events, formulating design concepts for artists, and copy writing for visual communications such as magazines, books, newspapers and packaging.