6 Tips to Supercharge Your Video SEO (Video Search Engine Optimization)

We all know the benefits of online video production; it improves search engine rankings (you’re 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google with a video than static text alone) and helps you grab more of that precious search engine real estate. However, how can you achieve those benefits if a potential customer can’t find your content? After recording your video, one should follow the below mentioned tips on Video SEO to make sure that your online video is properly uploaded and can be viewed by potential viewers.


#1: Provide a catchy title

Similar to the striking headlines in the case of blog posts, attractive titles to videos can also attract a lot of traffic. Basically, there are two reasons as to why an attractive title is pretty crucial. One is that an attractive and eye catchy title can get the attention of the viewers. Another reason is that when keywords are used in the title, they help the video to show up on various search engine results. Also one should keep in mind that Google owns YouTube, and searching & videos are interconnected.


#2: Make use of exceptional content

At the time of uploading a video, it is important to think about the needs and wants of the viewers. You should also think about what you can teach the viewers. “How To” videos are tremendously successful among viewers, as they not only offer great assistance, but also help in showcasing your skills and knowledge.

One should also keep in mind that no matter how good the content is in the video; it shouldn’t be too long as this might make the viewers lose their interest. One should try to keep the videos short and concise.

According to Com Score, the average video running time should only be about 3.8 minutes long. We would say it should be more like 90 seconds to 2 minutes, with 30-60 seconds being optimal.


#3: Including of the URL in the video

At the time of editing the video, one should make use of special editing features available. One of the best editing features is the “add a text box to the video” in YouTube and with the help of this feature, one can display a clickable address of their website in the video.


#4: Make use of different video branding opportunities

In order to promote the brand of a business organization, one can display the logo of the company anywhere in the video. This can be done all the time in the video or also during key times. We like to use the feature on our YouTube videos where our logo is displayed on the bottom right of any video playing. This way, no matter where someone watches our videos anywhere on the Internet, they can quickly get back to our YouTube channel page by clicking on that logo.


#5: Provide an HTML link

When posting your video on YouTube, one has the opportunity of writing a short description of what your video is about. Make sure that when you do this, to add an html link as the first line. This way, when someone watches your video, the clickable link is always shown. Also, make sure to add the http before your web address, as that’s the only way to make the link clickable in YouTube.


#6: Go Beyond just YouTube

Most people prefer posting their videos on YouTube, so much so that many don’t even look at other places to post their videos online. Apart from YouTube, one should also embed their video on their website. This helps in increasing web traffic as it grabs the attention of more and more viewers. The algorithm of Google tells how many times a particular video has been viewed. Your embedded video views also get counted in this; which also is important for showing in the Google Search result.


Some other great video sharing sites other other than YouTube are Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flickr and MetaCafe. Make sure you upload your videos on these sharing sites in addition to your website. Don’t forget about Facebook as a site to upload your video on as well. Locate where your target market is online and make sure to put your focus there.


Supercharging of the videos

In order to make sure that a particular video stands out from the vast amounts of other videos on the Internet, below mentioned are a few extra tips that would help in boosting of the video.

Creation of a Campaign: In order to get attention of viewers, one should take careful measurement of previously effective videos and create a campaign around them. This would not only create a synergy around the content, but also helps in building upon the unique identity of the brand related to the video.

Include a Call to Action: Never miss the opportunity of asking your viewers to take a course of action at the end of the video. You can ask the viewers of the video to sign up for a newsletter, leave a comment, pay a visit to your blog or even visit your website. If the uploaded video is real good, it could manage to gain the attention of even more viewers.

Avoid Sales Pitch: There is so much sales pitch clutter available on the Internet today, so with that being said, you should absolutely avoid making use of sales pitches in your video. Selling a product or service is not wrong, but in a video one should avoid the obvious “pitch”. You should use your video for defining a particular problem, supporting others and also making discussions. When these three elements are combined, you get an effective video as an end result.


Strategies related to keywords

There are many strategies made available related to keywords. But below mentioned are a few important tips that one should consider at the time of creating their video.

  • For optimizing YouTube videos, one should make sure that they make use of keywords in the title and the description of the video.
  • The text page of the website can be used as a “map” for Goggle. This would help in finding out video with tag names in the search engines. One can also embed the video in the text page of the website.
  • One should target the search phrases and not the searching words. For instance, when uploading a video related to cupcakes, one should avoid using keyword “cupcakes” for an organic bakery and use “cupcakes with organic frosting” for getting attention of more specific viewers.


Please share your experiences of making video in the comment box below; we’d love to hear about it!


This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. Clients choose D-Mak Productions for top quality video production in Phoenix, Arizona. D-Mak Productions specializes in corporate, commercial, event, music, fashion and online video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and easy to work with manner.