6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your First Corporate Video Production Project

Once you make the decision to start with your own corporate video project, the time is ripe to share your idea with your audience. So don’t just grab your cell phone or digital camera and start yelling “action”, following are the 6 key points to be considered before starting the process of filming:


Money Matters

Everybody is required to set a budget for their video production, be it a mini business owner/operator working out of home or part of a large corporate multi-national company. For everyone who plans to start a corporate video project, it is an exercise of frustration to discuss or to argue upon how much/little you are planning to spend on your project. Therefore, the right thing is to decide downright what your video budget is going to be and communicate the information to every individual on your team, and that includes your production company too.


What is the Driving force?

Creating a corporate video in order to keep up with your competitors in the market is not a bad idea; but, it shouldn’t be the only driving force behind your decision of the project. First, think and decide on the goals you want to achieve through the video project. What is it that video is going to do for you and your clients? Are you aiming to increase sales, improve image of the company in public or want to set up the company as field experts?



Selection of an efficient production company

Similar to the varieties offered by businesses in terms of skills, expertise & experience, varieties are available in production companies also. There, service providers range from fresher students that are looking for cheap work to gain experience, to professional production teams which have been functional in the industry for years. Select a production team that has a good track record with businesses similar to yours instead of just focusing on the number of people on the production team. Never forget that skill is more important than size.



Star struck days are gone

In the old days, the credibility of any video or advertisement was based upon the efficiency of the production company and who was giving the message. But thankfully, consumers today are more developed and are not easily swayed by celebrity endorsements, and prefer to hear it directly from the company. So consider introducing your own employee (or yourself) in the corporate video instead of resurrecting a has-been child actor from a talent agency as your spokesperson.



A Story is must

Video and film are great ways to tell your story to the viewer, so plan out in detail what message your clip should give and ensure that the message is clear. Developing your own storyboard, including a detailed script helps in increasing the effectiveness of the video project at the same time helps to reduce the associated cost of corporate video production.


What is the Next step? Make your project noticeable

Before starting with the production of a corporate video, be sure to set up an effective distribution plan. This is where many people go wrong (Just posting the video on YouTube or Facebook is not a distribution plan). Viewers are not automatically going to be attracted to the video, you need to get it noticed once it is ready to distribute. Discuss with the marketing team how to best distribute your corporate video so as to accomplish the goals & objectives set for the project.


The key to making your video an ultimate success is to take appropriate time to plan. While any Tom, Dick and Harry can shoot a video, creating an effective, high quality corporate video that gets noticed requires skill, time and lot of effort.


This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. D-Mak Productions provides HD digital video production in Phoenix, AZ and beyond. D-Mak Productions specializes in tv commercial, live event, training, online and corporate video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and ease to work with throughout the entire video production process.