5 Aspects of Video Marketing and What it Could Mean for Your Business

The members of our Phoenix, AZ video production company are always striving to learn the latest and greatest ways for companies such as yours to market their brand, company message, products or services.

Going into this New Year, video marketing is in definite demand everywhere. According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executive members would prefer to watch a video then look at text. From those who view the video, 65% go on to see the business website, 50% pursue further information, and 45% went on to contact the company after watching the online video. Lastly, 50% of viewers went on to purchase from the company due to video marketing.

By utilizing video, you create greater recognition to your business, brand, or name through messages that draw specific audiences. As successful as video marketing can be, it should be used to increase the quality of your business’s content, not only for providing it.


Here are 5 aspects of video marketing that could help show everyone what you got!

1. Content Promotion

The substance that makes up your video is what persuades your viewers to take action towards your cause. What are some of your customer’s problems that can be solved with video? If you address these problems with video, you will genuinely help your customers and further your company’s message.


2. Public Relations Supporting Material

Not only will video help your company, it’ll help others in promoting your business through blogs, news, and sharing. The more you put out there to be seen, the better chance for exposure to your audience.



3. Event Production Video

Events can show off a distinct instance of “skill meets opportunity” by endorsing your business in action, in a way that does not limit creativity.


4. Video Email

Video email is another booming approach to video, and has been claimed to have 4-7 times more of a higher response then a standard email. It can be targeted at specific client listings or even sent as promotional content for people unaware of your company.


5. Consumer Input Video

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories are convincing forms of video marketing for a business. What better way to hear about the benefits of a product then from people that used it.



Article by Joe Forte.

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