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Did Kendrick Lamar Write Dr.Dre’s Verse From “The Recipe”?

Did Kendrick Lamar Write Dr Dre's Verse from "The Recipe"?

Kendrick Lamar made a surprise appearance in Tempe, AZ last night for a free concert put on by Bacardi Plus. …

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Do It Yourself – $15 PVC Shoulder Rig Tutorial for DSLR Cameras

DIY - 15 dollar Shoulder Rig - Tutorial for DSLR Cameras

Looking for a cheap solution to stabalize your DSLR? Look no further than this detailed video tutorial on how to …

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How I Got Started In Music Video Production

How I Got Started in Music Video Production

Music Video Production – I’m hopelessly addicted to hip hop. The main stream stuff is hit or miss for me, …

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