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How to Use Video in Email Marketing


In terms of ROI, video marketing and email marketing are two of the most effective forms of digital marketing available. …

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How to Effectively Use Video for Your Customer’s Buying Journey


Your customers need to trust you before they’re going to invest in your product. And that takes time. The process …

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What Are the Benefits of Live Streaming / Webcasting for Business?


If you’re putting together an important event, you want it to be experienced by as many individuals as possible. Whether …

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5 Eye-Popping Uses of 3D Animation in Video Production


If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that 3D animation seems to be getting steadily more common. Websites, …

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What Are The Latest Trends in Corporate Video Production?


As technology changes, so does media. In order to appear professional and polished, corporate videos need to follow the latest …

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What Does Video Production Services Include?


What are you paying for when you invest in video production services? Video production services include far more than one …

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3 Tips for Vetting Video Production Companies


If you want the highest quality videos for your business, there’s one decision that will be more important than all …

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10 Tips for Live Streaming Video Production


Live streams are one of the most engaging formats for video. Not only does your audience want to be involved …

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7 Ways to Use Video to Market Locally


Local marketing is the most valuable type of marketing. Though a global reach may help expand your audience, it may …

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4 Types of Videos You Need in Your Inbound Marketing Funnel


There are literally dozens of types of video that can be beneficial to your inbound marketing campaign — so how …

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