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Eight Ways a Video Production Company Can Help You Market Your Business


Eight Ways a Video Production Company Can Help You Market Your Business

The use of video production to market a company’s product or service has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most significant reasons is that people remember what they watch in videos more than what they read in text. There are several different videos that a video production company can make to help you market your company’s product or service.



Commercials are the most common type of video used to market a company’s product or service. They show the product/service in action and present it in a unique way. Buying decisions are often made on an emotional level, and since videos involve the viewer’s emotions, commercials influence customers to buy the product/service being advertised. As Zig Ziglar said, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”


“About Us” Videos

Showing customers who you are actually has a large effect on their interest in your company. These videos build trust between you and your customers and make your company seem more human instead of just as a business trying to make money.



Since videos are watched more than text is read, it is safe to say that people are more likely to watch tutorials than read manuals. Tutorials can help explain complex processes as well as contain computer-generated graphics or animation to clearly explain how your product or process works.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes videos have a similar effect as the “About Us” videos. They build trust with the customers as they show the product/service in action. These videos also have the ability of making a relatively small company look much larger by filming the company’s supplier’s or company’s businesses and or showing your products being manufactured and used.


Email Video

Instead of writing out a long email where the reader can miss important information in the mass text or misunderstand something, use email video to connect with customers on a personal level and improve message clarity.



Testimonial videos are a great way to show how your company has made a difference in someone’s life. They portray the feelings and humanity of what your company does for people.


Intro Video to Website

Studies have shown that people who surf the internet linger for an average of 42 seconds on a text site versus 5 minutes and 50 seconds on a video site. Therefore, having a video on your website will increase the amount of time a person spends on your website. Videos will also capture the interest of the person entering the site as well as quickly show your product/service in action.


Videos for Blogs and Press Releases

Since people take the time to watch videos more than read text, it can be said that people will be more likely to read a blog or press release on your product/service if there is video content in it.

With the addition of videos to your company’s marketing plan you can expect a significant increase in your company’s clients and profits and the more videos you have made the bigger that increase.


Article by Victoria Geske.

How a Video Production Company Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Site


How a Video Production Company Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Site

Online video is now seen as an essential tool for any company looking to enhance its web presence. Video allows you to show the public what you can do and to engage with your audience like never before. Now that people are able to view online video wherever they are due to the omnipresence of smartphones and tablets, web users no longer need to open up their laptops or wait until they find a broadband connection to enjoy your video content. Plus, with the advent of superfast 4G LTE, even buffering looks set to become a thing of the past, leaving your customers free to stream even HD content as they wish.


Increase Your Customer Reach with Video SEO
YouTube has an estimated 4 million users every day, meaning that the benefits of posting your content on the site are obvious. Web users can view your video content on a plethora of devices, from phones and tablets to laptops and games consoles, putting you in great stead for increasing your customer reach.

Show Off Your Standards
However, as not every organization has the tools or expertise required to produce eye-catching and thought-provoking videos, to get the best from video SEO you may find it advantageous to ask a video production company for help. Nothing screams ‘unprofessional’ quite like poorly-shot footage, and if your video is badly shot, this can seriously damage your reputation. Nonetheless, the best external video production company will talk to you in-depth to ensure that your content is on-message and on-target, so that it appeals to your target audience.




The Power of Video Marketing
Once your video has been produced however, it’s not enough to simply sit back and wait for the views to generate. There are many steps that you can take to ensure that as many people see your videos as possible, from sharing them on social media sites to encouraging influential websites to embed your video content. Before you decide upon a video production company, it can be wise to look at content that they have produced for others and request references. If you are going to spend a great amount of your budget on their services, it’s important to feel confident in their skills.

Exploit Every Avenue with Video SEO
Tags and keywords can be incredibly important when it comes to video SEO, just as they are with written content, so it’s essential to use relevant keywords and tags that will entice web users to your videos. If you ever struggle to think of tags and keywords, it’s a good idea to brainstorm terms that you think you would type into a search box if you were looking for the content yourself. Don’t simply stop at YouTube either – services such as Vimeo and DailyMotion are also extremely popular amongst web users, so upload your content on these sites, too, by all means. There’s simply no underestimating the power of interesting and informative videos in today’s digital, high-tech climate.

Article by Joe Forte.

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