Top 5 Video Production Trends For 2015

Video production is a process whereby videos are created by capturing moving images. The video is usually recorded on electronic media like hard disk, video tape or solid state storage. Video production is in three stages, the pre-production where there is conceptualization of an idea and the writing of a script, the production which is the actual shooting or recording, and the post-production where there is video editing and sound editing.

Video production has become popular because :

> It is easy to entertain and capture people’s attention in the form of a video

> It is the best way to share some information so that people are made to care about an issue, to empathize with a cause or a person or to make people aware of a product.

> Videos evoke emotion in people

video-production-4kThe following are top video production trends for the year 2015 and some of their benefits:

1. Live stream video production

Live streaming video production is a type of video production where live video is sent online in a compressed form. These are then immediately viewed as they arrive to the viewer. Live stream is a cost-effective solution for organizations and businesses to market their services and products online.


The following are benefits of live stream video production:

> It is now easier than ever to broadcast a live event since the barriers to entry are now less

> Live streaming is attainable because the price is low and the technology is available. Some companies have taken advantage of the low cost and have begun using it as part of their training programs to train their new employees. This is very effective because everyone receives the same training information at the same time and this saves the company money

> The expenses to be used to attend an event are reduced when the event is streamed live. The participants will not need to incur costs in travel, security and lodging

> The content is very engaging when streamed live

> When you stream live, you are reaching out to an audience that is real-time and have opted-in to watch

> You are able to control your message

> It is possible to have a longer view-time than some of the on-demand video content

> Some of the platforms can lead to an engaged audience that shares the content

> With the live stream, you can be able to mine real-time statistics to see how your content is performing as it airs

> There is no need for post-production or editing as everything happens real time

> The live event fosters engagement from the audience more than on demand events. There is also much more social experience than on a demand video

> The live streaming enables producers to monitor the engagement and social conversation live. Due to this monitoring the producers are able to tell whether their intended message is being received well and if it is not being received well then the message can be changed.

> Live streaming has the ability to grow your audience.

> A live stream can allow you to interact with your new clients and create new business opportunities.


2. Stabilization systems like the MoVi

Image stabilization are techniques that are used to reduce the blurring that is associated with the motion of a camera or any other imaging device during exposure.

video-production-movi> The stabilizer allows you to execute a similar shot in a fraction of the time.

> The stabilization system of MoVi is affordable as compared to dollies, rigs, and jibs.

> Setting up the MoVi is very fast as compared to a JIB. It is also very easy to learn this unit very fast.

> The MoVI can be put in a thin suitcase and is also very light and is not as bulky as the other camera stabilization systems for travel.

> The MoVI does not require any type of cumbersome weights and vests.

> With the MoVi, camera operators are able to take a wider range of motion, and this motion can be manipulated remotely using a joystick.


3. Aerial Drones in Video production and their benefits

aerial-video-production> Drones for aerial videography and photography are cheaper than a helicopter, more convenient, less intrusive, safe, portable and fast to set-up.

> Drones are less expensive as compared to other alternatives which would be expensive.

> They are convenient because of the elimination of the logistical issues of finding and shipping a helicopter, a pilot and gimbal system.

> The set up of drones is usually very fast so there will not be any wastage of time

> Drones can be able to operate both indoors and in tight locations. They can be conveniently used to replace the crane, jib and cable camera alternatives.

> They are less intrusive and much more quiet than a full sized helicopter

> Drones are portable and are put in the flight as checked luggage.

> The GPS technology that the drones use is safe and incase a radio signal is lost, the helicam can return home. The temperatures are not a hindrance as the system works anytime.

> Due to the steadiness of the drone’s camera, hours of useable footage can be created that is perfect for a variety of uses. The aerial videos have great marketing potential, and also serve to differentiate businesses from their competitors.

> When aerial shots are incorporated into marketing materials, this tells the customers how amazing your business is from a bird’s eye view. People are able to get a feel of the area before they even arrive.

> Aerial footage makes businesses stand out and can be used for branding purposes and helping businesses pull ahead of the competition.


4. 4K resolution and above in video production and their benefits

> 4K resolution gives more control in post-production over the images. It is possible to resize, stabilize, crop and have less noise.

> It also gives much more options for the manipulation of each picture frame. 4K can be essential for the heavy post-manipulation of your images.

> 4K delivers more accurate results especially in green screen matting, motion tracking, reduced grain and rotoscoping.



5. Action camera’s like the GoPro and their benefits

> The GoPro has an abundant resolution and also frame rate options that will satisfy beginners as well as experienced shooters.

> The video quality with the GoPro is excellent and gives the best video from an action cam.

> The GoPro app is able to give you a preview that is live of your shot and due to the camera’s fast Wi-Fi performance, there is usually some seconds delay between the movement of the camera and what is on the screen. This app will let you start and stop your recordings, change all the camera’s settings, and download as well as play clips from the camera onto your device.


As you can see, as technology advances, so does the ability to create more dynamic videos with lesser and lesser cost. Only a few short years ago, if you wanted to get aerial footage or capture video in 4k, the price point only made sense for large scale productions. Now smaller scale productions and even hobbyist can afford to work with these pieces of equipment.


Article by Joe Forte, co-owner and producer at D-Mak Productions. D-Mak Productions is one of the top video production companies located in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in web, event and corporate video production.