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Did Kendrick Write Dr.Dre’s Verse From “The Recipe”?


Kendrick Lamar made a surprise appearance in Tempe, AZ last night for a free concert put on by Bacardi Plus. Club Red was the venue and the intimate spot was certainly a change of pace for Kendrick who was fresh off a Coachella performance.

The small crowd was definitely feeling Kendrick’s flows from his Overly Dedicated and Section 80 mixtapes. The Compton native closed out his set with a new track “The Recipe” as his last encore. Obviously Dr. Dre wasn’t there to complete the feature but Kendrick seemed to have no problem at all spitting his verse,¬† further fueling the rumors that Dre’s part was completely written by Kendrick.

Either way, the concert was incredible and Kendrick’s debut album Good Kid in a Mad City will be one of the most anticipated drops of 2012.


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