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The 5 Types of Videos Every Business Needs

Video is known to have one of the most successful conversion rates throughout all types of media. Businesses from small …

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Why A Video Landing Page Can Fetch You More Conversions

The use of a video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. Nevertheless some organizations may …

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How to Use Video in Email Marketing

In terms of ROI, video marketing and email marketing are two of the most effective forms of digital marketing available. …

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How to Effectively Use Video for Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Your customers need to trust you before they’re going to invest in your product. And that takes time. The process …

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7 Ways to Use Video to Market Locally

Local marketing is the most valuable type of marketing. Though a global reach may help expand your audience, it may …

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7 Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions

Are you interested in using video but unsure of where and how to get started? Your video marketing campaign will …

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How to Add Video to Your Online Marketing Strategy

Do you feel daunted when you think about adding video into your online marketing strategy? Everyone knows that video is …

INFOGRAPHIC: Video Resume Pros and Cons
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INFOGRAPHIC: Video Resume Pros and Cons

In this Infographic created by one of our talented Spring Interns Kyan Palmer, we’ve put together some really interesting information on …

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What Are the Best Uses for Real Estate Video Marketing?

What Are the Best Uses for Real Estate Video Marketing? The connection between real estate and video marketing usually starts …

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7 Reasons for your Video Marketing Failures

Video marketing can be effective for any entrepreneur; however it requires appropriate execution and resources. Sometimes even the best-planned videos …