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The 5 Types of Videos Every Business Needs

Video is known to have one of the most successful conversion rates throughout all types of media. Businesses from small …

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How to Effectively Use Video for Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Your customers need to trust you before they’re going to invest in your product. And that takes time. The process …

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What Are The Latest Trends in Corporate Video Production?

As technology changes, so does media. In order to appear professional and polished, corporate videos need to follow the latest …

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8 Ways to Use Video for Internal Corporate Communications

As an internal corporate communication tool, video is by far one of the most effective, cost-conscious and versatile. Video can …

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Types of Corporate Videos and Why You Need Them

Making YouTube videos is no longer considered just a hobby for trendy young people. It’s becoming a part of serious …

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5 Corporate Video Production Do’s and Dont’s

With the fast-growing popularity and several advantages of online marketing through social media and other sites, many companies are moving …

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6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your First Corporate Video Production Project

Once you make the decision to start with your own corporate video project, the time is ripe to share your …

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The 10 Commandments of Corporate Video Production

Whether you handle the production of your video projects in house or hire a corporate video production company to do …

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Logistics for an On Location Video Production Shoot

Logistics for an On Location Video Production If you’ve ever been on the set of a film shoot, you’ve seen …

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Corporate Video Production Company

A very innovative and up to date method of delivering your corporate message to prospective customers is through videos. In …