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What are the Benefits of Aerial Video for Business?


The Benefits of Aerial Video One of the many services our company is specifically proud of being capable of offering …

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Types of Corporate Videos and Why You Need Them


Making YouTube videos is no longer considered just a hobby for trendy young people. It’s becoming a part of serious …

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10 Tips for Working With Outside Production Crews


Video is big in today’s world of online marketing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video …

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What are the Advantages of Hiring an Outside AV Company Versus the In-House Firm?


Have you ever attended an important event/meeting at a hotel or convention center that was provided by your employer or …

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Top 5 Video Production Trends For 2015


Video production is a process whereby videos are created by capturing moving images. The video is usually recorded on electronic …

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5 Corporate Video Production Do’s and Dont’s


With the fast-growing popularity and several advantages of online marketing through social media and other sites, many companies are moving …

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What are the Best Ways to Optimize my Videos on YouTube?


YouTube Optimization = Quality + SEO + Community If you’re looking for advice on how to best optimize your video …

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Why an Intro or Explainer Video is a MUST HAVE for Your Business


So your company’s website is currently in the works. Although you may have plenty of text and photos describing what …

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A Guide to Producing Ecommerce Product Videos

Guide to Producing Ecommerce Product Videos

For the ecommerce startup or for the ecommerce veteran who has recently decided to take advantage of product videos, there …

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6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your First Corporate Video Production Project


Once you make the decision to start with your own corporate video project, the time is ripe to share your …

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