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Utilizing One Camera Versus Multiple Cameras in Your Video Production


When shooting a new video project, one of the first decisions made is whether it will be multi-cam or single …

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5 Reasons to Choose a Professional Video Production Company versus Trying to Do It Yourself


If your organization is looking to produce video, it’s likely time to look for a professional video production company. Though …

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8 Ways to Use Video for Internal Corporate Communications


As an internal corporate communication tool, video is by far one of the most effective, cost-conscious and versatile. Video can …

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What are the Benefits of Aerial Video for Business?


The Benefits of Aerial Video One of the many services our company is specifically proud of being capable of offering …

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Types of Corporate Videos and Why You Need Them


Making YouTube videos is no longer considered just a hobby for trendy young people. It’s becoming a part of serious …

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10 Tips for Working With Outside Production Crews


Video is big in today’s world of online marketing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video …

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What are the Advantages of Hiring an Outside AV Company Versus the In-House Firm?


Have you ever attended an important event/meeting at a hotel or convention center that was provided by your employer or …

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Top 5 Video Production Trends For 2015


Video production is a process whereby videos are created by capturing moving images. The video is usually recorded on electronic …

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5 Corporate Video Production Do’s and Dont’s


With the fast-growing popularity and several advantages of online marketing through social media and other sites, many companies are moving …

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What are the Best Ways to Optimize my Videos on YouTube?


YouTube Optimization = Quality + SEO + Community If you’re looking for advice on how to best optimize your video …

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